December 15th, 2014

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*************** We're Moving !!!! Our new website: ***************

PACT - The Online Party of Canada

We deployed our new website
... migrating all content from this website ...

After several months of work with a small group of volunteers, we are ready to launch the 2.0 "Beta" version of the Online Party's participatory democracy platform, featuring our innovative online voting system, grassroots collaborative tools etc. all built on the same Governing Principles. Many thanks to Bradley Arsenault, Chris Pavlis and Daniel Lewis for their efforts!

This is a 'Beta' release; we're in the process of fixing bugs and filtering posts.. 
Your support is CRITICAL to our efforts to continue the development process at a faster pace, maintaining the level of quality and security you would expect from Canada's ONLY participatory democracy platform!

Version 2.0 only contains basic functionality at this point, but introduces the new design and development tools that will make it easier for us to add functionality in subsequent releases.

We made the signup process easier and we improved the website security overall and we introduced new types of posts so users can interact in new ways! While we're very excited to launch Version 2.0, we are poised to continue the development process. We want to add more features such as:

- "Groups" functionality that allows Electoral Districts or other political organizations to create and administer their own members and posts;
- "Official Position" feature that includes a Voting PIN for enhanced online voting security and an automated process to compute the voting results and determine if the Quorum and Majority vote conditions are met, making the vote result mandatory for elected PACT MP's;
- More interactive Social Media features to allow users to post video content;
- "Proxy" and "Follow" features will allow users to delegate their voting rights and to subscribe to receiving opinions from trusted posters;
- .. more exciting features that will make your user experience much more enjoyable!

Please Login today and take a tour of our NEW Website! Let us know if you have anyideas or suggestions on how we can further improve it.
Note: We were not able to import passwords as they are encrypted on the old website. Please use the 'forgot password' feature to reset it.


This is a Level 1 issue. Guests (and higher) can vote and comment on this issue.


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