November 22nd, 2012

UserPosted by: K S

Bill C-383 Transboundary Waters Protection Act

Larry Miller (Conservative)

This enactment amends the International Boundary Waters Treaty Act to prohibit the bulk removal of transboundary waters. Some definitions and exceptions that are currently found in regulations are transferred to the Act. The enactment also provides for measures to administer and enforce the Act. Lastly, it also makes a consequential amendment to the International River Improvements Act.

Full text available here

Bill Status: Third Reading

Media Links:

Council of Canadians

Owen Sound Sun Times

Bayshore Broadcasting 

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User M Nicula
OPC Leader

2 years ago

A rare good Bill from the Conservative Government!

User F Wormald
Political View

2 years ago

I do not think this is a good bill at all. The following statement is contained in the bill; "Bulk removal does not include the taking of a manufactured product that contains water, including water and other beverages in bottles or other containers, outside a water basin. Up to 50,000 litres per day can be removed"

If 50,000 litres of water isn't bulk removal then I don't know what is!!..and that is an amount per day!

User G Hagar replied:

Agreed. This seems like a pretty significant loophole.

User R Ackert replied:

50 000 may seem like a lot but it really isn't. The average person uses nearly 400 litres a day directly and up to 4 000 litres a day indirectly.

A large farm likely uses 10 000+ litres a day at least but i cant find those stats anywhere.

these numbers may shock you.

the numbers are buried in this link so... its 60 000 cases of water per day. 12-32 bottles per case. 0.5 litres per bottle. 960 000 litres of water a day is extracted from a US spring and shipped out to store shelves.

User M Crocker
Political View

2 years ago

I'm thinking that the party leader should have a political view. they should be trying to convince others to vote their (hopefully educated) view. Lemmings like myself don't want to check resources and back stories and and and... I (we) want to be told the truth so we can make the logical choice. it's to the public and the news to sniff out the holes in this plan so it can be voted on internally (OPC). It's ok to have the wrong view, you just have to be willing to change it. where is the bill for market over sight... I want the bill for stock market oversight!!! lets drag that cat out from under the bed. Here Kitty kitty kitty! To Bill C-383< Are we selling water? or are we just spilling it on the back roads to keep the dust down again. No clue! I plead ignorance for now and i abstain.

User C Johnson replied:

You've chosen the right course of action, I believe.

Also, you've raised a fairly good point. I wonder what kind of dollars are available to a political party, and if one could be granted money to conduct research. This way, we could have a team to collect information on backstories, relevancies and lay out the truth for everyone to see.

User B Odynski
Political View

2 years ago

It seems strange to ban exporting water. What's the justification? I think exporting water depends on the circumstances. In some cases we may want to share or sell our water to those in need. As always, it's a matter of weighing the pros and the cons and finding a proper balance in terms of regulation and control.

User D Mohr replied:

A for example that might illustrate the problem.

Natural gas from Alberta is distributed on the American stock exchange where BC buys it back to sell to their provincial customers. This is a result of the Free Trade Act.

Will we be exporting our water just to have to buy it back from the American Market?

User K Thrower
Political View

2 years ago

Definitely a good bill for the protection of our water and something that should be enforced completely but there must be clear trans parity in the entire bill with no loopholes . Once again the rights of the Canadian people must be the primary concern here

User S Cedar
Political View

2 years ago

Finally the conservatives have done something for our country…most of the improvements in our government have been made by the Liberals and NDP. This Bill is a great change to the act, so I vote yes.

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